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Competition — Internal School Rules and Procedures

This school year, the students have got acquainted with the Internal School Rules and Procedures in a less traditional way — through a competition. Firstly, the students were familiarized with the changes to the Internal School Rules and Procedures with the help of their home room teachers. After the home room lesson, there was a two-lesson block allocated for a group contest. The students were randomly split into twelve groups (each group had a representative from each grade level), each of which then drew one of the four areas pertaining to the Internal School Rules and Procedures. The task for each group was to create a poster relating to the given area of the school rules that would explain the given rules and regulation as simply and fittingly as possible. A visually creative poster would be, of course, considered added value. In the end, all groups had a change to inspect each other’s work in the improvised gallery of posters created in the gym, then cast a vote for a poster from each category that they liked best. All works are on a temporary display in the hallways of our school.

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