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Duke of Edinburgh Expedition: 23.6. - 25.6.

On Saturday afternoon, in order to control the quality of the tourist paths, we set out from the Jalšová village on our three-day tour around Považský Inovec. After two hours, we found ourselves on Ovčia Skala, a place where we planned to spend the first night. But we decided to go even further, so we continued. We reached the meadow, overlooking the village of Svrbince. We placed our tents there and heated ourselves in the fire in the evening.
The next day was the longest and most difficult. On our way, we have seen more ticks, hungry and tricky little creatures, than people. We only met few people, mainly runners or cyclists, we met "traditional tourists" only at Marhate (748 m). The sidewalks to Marhate are relatively well-marked and often cross the bikers' paths, which are mostly wide and solid.
After exhausting thirty kilometers we decided to spend the second and last night under Skalka (377 m). Once again, we found a nice meadow, where we spent a peaceful evening, if we are not taking into consideration the two hunters who came across. The next morning we climbed Skalka, after which we headed downhill to Hlbina, where we had our transfer arranged.

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