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How is this school different to a state school?

Well, apart from the fact that we spend longer time in school, we also have much smaller classes-the limit is 16 in a class which is fantastic as you get a much more personal experience and the teacher is always able to help you. We also have a much bigger range of subjects on offer so we can really tailor our own education to reflect our dreams for the future.

What are the teachers like?

The teachers are fantastic! We are a team working together so if you need help or don’t understand something any one of the teachers will help you out. They are all really motivated to support us and that creates a really special, congenial atmosphere. They really do always do their best for us.

What subjects will I study?

In the first year you will study English, math, biology, chemistry, physics, Slovak, German and Art and Culture.

What do you have to wear for uniform?

Well, we have a dress uniform which we are expected to wear on special occasions like the first day of terms, presentations and important events. But most of the time our uniform is pretty easy to deal with, it’s just a BESST polo style shirt with short sleeves (gray, dark blue) a sensible length skirt (solid dark blue, dark grey, black) or trousers, we’re even allowed to wear jeans as long as they are not ripped or torn. It’s relatively comfortable and life is a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about what clothes to wear!

How does the school day work?

Well we start at 8:30 and we have two lessons of 45minutes before a break at 10:05. Third lesson begins at 10:20 and we carry on until 1:40 when we have our lunch break. After that there is just one lesson to go. Although once a week each class gets to finish the day early so we leave at 1:40.

What equipment will I have access to?

At the beginning of the year you will be given your very own IPAD which you can use in lessons and at home for educational purposes. You will also receive all of your course books electronically as well as notebooks for each subject. You will also be able to use the computer room, library, science Lab and art room.

Can I try out a lesson before I make a decision?

Absolutely, you can come to one of our Open house events – check out our calendar for specific dates or if you prefer you can arrange to spend the day with us, experiencing classes and getting to know our students.

What are the school rules?

We’re pretty unique when it comes to the rules; they don’t tell you what you can’t do-just that you can do. Our rules are positive and this really helps us make the right choices, not because a rule tells us so but because we know how we should behave. What’s also great is there aren’t too many rules either, just ten of them:

  1. Be polite and respectful to all staff, visitors and fellow students.
  2. Be conscientious and prepared for the lesson; always arrives on time, ready to learn.
  3. Follow testing procedure and submit original work.
  4. Dress appropriately, following the school guidelines.
  5. Take responsibility for classroom tidiness.
  6. Consistently strive to achieve your potential
  7. Actively participate in school life.
  8. Collaborate effectively with classmates and members of staff.
  9. Use the designated language to communicate appropriately and consistently.
  10. Be focused in class.

Which languages will I learn?

You will have the opportunity to learn English, of course, along with Slovak and German.

What is the general Level of English?

In High school the English level is of a pretty high standard with student’s taking classes in; Maths, physics, biology, art and culture in the English language.

How is the food? What is the typical menu?

The food is really good, much better than most schools! The portion sizes are not bad either. We generally have pasta once during the week, with pesto, tomato sauce or maybe your favourite, lasagne! Of course there are also the classics like halusky, sviečková and goulash. On Wednesdays, you’ll be in for a sweet treat. We also have fish on a Friday- you will get to experience quite literally the best salmon you will have ever tasted.

How will I graduate?

Maturita exams have a different course in our country - it depends on whether a pupil attends a bilingual class or class with an international program. In the bilingual classes, pupils graduate from Slovak language and literature in the fourth year. In the fifth year they study English and two other subjects. Seminars for graduation subjects are opened in the fourth and fifth year. Alongside the subjects our pupils have decided to graduate with, we also offer supplementary subject lessons. Students will practice the curriculum; devote time to the preparation and processing of maturita topics

In the fourth year of the subject, Slovak language and literature is taken by the class that has chosen the international program. At the same time, pupils prepare for international A level exams in three subjects; these will be taken between the months of May and June in the fourth and fifth year. Almost everything is taught in English, as well as the language of the examinations that will be completed. Each student selects their three subjects from the offered pair of subjects, allowing students to develop a professional profile during their preparation for the maturita exams and to study the subjects that they are interested in. The schedule for each exam is determined by the University of Cambridge International Examinations. For pupils, the preparation for graduation examinations in the classroom with an international program is more demanding, but effort and energy is an invaluable experience and skill that students will need in college studies and their future careers.

What graduating statement will I receive if I study for the international program?

In the classroom with the international program, pupils are assessed using grades A - F. The certificate of transfer of these grades to the Slovak equivalencies is excellent to inadequate, so the certification is fully in accordance with the Slovak standard.

Students who study both in the bilingual program and in the international program class receive a certificate of attainment after the fifth year.

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