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A visit from Kepler Gymnasium, Tübingen at BESST in Trnava

In Tübingen, we have experienced something that one doesn't forget as fast. We have experienced an authentic sample of our German peers' life - both at school and with their families. Among other things, we visited Strasbourg and the European Parliament and made our very own bar of Ritter Sport chocolate. The experience that our students really appreciated was the baking of our own pretzels.

Towards the end of the school year we were awaiting our German friends from Tübingen for whom we had prepared a rich and busy schedule. We have done sightseeing not only in our beloved hometown - Trnava, but also in Piešťany, and the capital city - Bratislava. We attended a debate with a well-know contemporary writer Michal Hvorecký, enjoyed sports on the banks of the Slňava dam in Piešťany, and had a chance to devour Slovak folklore together.

We have established a friendship that will surely endure the separation and long distance.

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