Čo je BESST? Triedy Motivačný systém Prijímacie konanie


Zhanna, Sasha, Serena, Katya, Sylvia and Peter all took part in the ZILINA MUN 2018 event from the 19th -21st of April representing the Republic of France and our school at this prestigious multinational Model United Nations competition.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience that each student really thrived in and they were also able to meet and work with students ranging from Palestine to Russia.  The event took place at the City Hall of Zilina and some very outstanding speaking performances took place from the students from the various schools represented with a particular highlight being Serena picking up the award for most valuable delegate in her debating committee of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).  I was very proud of the hard work our students put into their research and were able to display their speaking and debating skills at this event.