Čo je BESST? Triedy Motivačný systém Prijímacie konanie


Students of IIIA put their BESST foot forward in their attempt to match the 38,680 steps needed to reach the peak of Kilimanjaro in Africa. On Friday 29th September, they received a Skype call from a teacher in England who intends to climb the great Mountain in July 2018 and found out a bit more about her motivation.

Today they learned about the Nasir Trust and the plight of children who have been left abandoned or scared by illness. After that, they looked at how much money a typical Kenyan family receives and tried to figure out how they would balance the books. Of course, we had to experience a ‘mountain climb’ so, with pedometers in hand we hit the stairs! Who will be closest to achieving the steps needed to conquer the peak? We’ll find out next week! The challenge has been set!

Ms. Hayley