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Cross-cultural Leaders

Being a leader isn’t just about being the best that you can be, it’s about inspiring others to achieve their full potential, collaborating and respecting a diverse range of people.

IIIa Global Perspectives students tried this out first hand in a two lesson project where they learnt to behave as if they were from other cultures conducting business – They even learnt a new language!

One team was from Na and the other from Za. First, they learnt their own culture and then they had to figure out the cultural nuances of the other team before attempting to complete a transaction with them.

As they tried to navigate new rules students learnt about the trials of cross-cultural communication, discussed the challenges faced in the real world and ultimately worked together to find a solution.

As for inspiration – Zhanna and Sasha were dedicated cultural leaders, learning the nuances of the culture prior to the lessons and explaining them to their new teams.

Ms. Hayley