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Christmas party

Christmas party took place at our school on Wednesday, 13.12.

The second graders prepared for their parents mix of activities and shows, which were supposed to entertain, but also to show how the kids are educated and how they work at school. The first point of the program was a video made of Christmas pictures of us, which we took together. Later we presented the dance video on song Shape of you from Ed Sheeran, where the choreography was made by girls from II.A. It was really funny and the parents were entertained, but they also valued the effort. The next activity was Kahoot, which showed to the parents how we are educated in fun way and they also tried the Christmas quiz. The winner got box of chocolates. The fourth show were presentations about important women in history, which we made on the lessons of Global Perspective. We presented the lives of Jane Austen, Marie Currie Sklodowska, Maria Theresa, and Audrey Hepburn. The cherry on top was the competition in decorating the gingerbreads. The parents got the needed supplies and the gingerbreads and then they voted for the best one. The winner got a bag with a surprise.

After the end of the competition the parents and students vent to the classroom with sandwiches and cakes and also some water and coffee.

Everybody was satisfied and leaved with smile on face.